Randomness V.19.0 : How to buy books

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hello there, so here we are. I apologize because I didn't post last week, that's because I suffered a puncture wound from a metal nail. (It hurts, OUCH!) Forget about me and my weird problems, today I am going to tell you how to buy books (only for Online Buyers). So, I face immense difficulties when I try to buy a book online. Let me guide you through all the difficulties and tell you how to overcome them. (I have learned some nice words from that Bawse book if you know what I am talking about) Let's go... P.S. You are not going to learn anything 😜
Step 1: Opening the device

Well, this is the very first step. you have to be very careful when opening your device. Your device means whatever you shop on. It can be a computer, a laptop, a smartphone whatever... In my case, it's a laptop. And, hold it right there, I don't use any Apple Laptop or Macbook. I am a Microsofter for life. (Grammarly just told me that Microsofter is not a word, go home Grammarly, Potterhead isn't a word either, or maybe it is, I don't know) Moving on, I was saying that you should be very careful while opening your device because you never know what can happen. Your laptop can shut down because of low battery, your website will not open because of internet problems (which happens with me all the time) Google Chrome's not working because it wasn't shut down correctly or maybe the demon nun from The Conjuring 2 is waiting for you and you will see her reflection on your Laptop screen (Scary, huh). That's why you have to be careful while opening your device.
Step 2: Thinking

Thinking is a crucial part. If you don't think you will end up buying Twilight, and things will get worse if you are a Potterhead. (Twilight Puns 😜) So, before buying anything, think about some important points. Like, Who Am I? I am a girl. Why am I here? Because I was born. No, why am I her, on this website? Because I want to buy a book. 
Now, think about all of the things more carefully. I am a girl, I was born and I want to buy a book. Nice. As you were born and you are a girl you should be buying a book which you want to read. (It don't make no sense playing in the background) 
Oh, I am so sorry, I was dancing on the song. Never mind. Now, you should NOT be thinking what I told you. (Well, it won't hurt if you think about it) You should be thinking about what book you want to read. There are different genres like Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Mystery (I think all those are one category) Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romantic (Ew... Well, I have read only one Romantic book in my life and it's not even romantic, it's called Pride and Prejudice) Children and Young Adult etc. I have copied all the above genres from Amazon.in *Smirk* What are you staring at, start thinking.
Step 3: Searching and Selecting

Now, after you have done your thinking search about the book. There's a quote that says, "Don't judge a book by its cover" That is true but, I don't usually follow that. Most of the times I select a book by its name and cover. Well, I look up the summary after that. And, I think you should be doing the same. DO NOT buy a book just because it has fancy cover and an interesting name. You should read the summary given on the book info page and you should do some later thinking about which book you want to read. Because I always select too many books then I have to sort through them. One more thing, if you are a minor like me, (Minor means under age, under 18, you dumbhead) you should confirm the book's reading age. Believe me, I have suffered such bizarre situation. I bought a thriller book which I thought was for Young Adults, but, when I started reading it, I thought the book was a bit... you know what I mean. Then, I looked it up on Google and it turns out the book was for adults (Randomness Randomized 😰😱) Do not tell anyone about this. Meanwhile, the book is safely hidden in my cupboard so that nobody finds it there and I can take a sigh of relief *Sigh*.... *Scream* I just told the whole world about my bizarre action NOOOOOOO *Scream* *Scream* *Scream*
Sorry, I got a bit carried out. Step 3 ends here, let's move on...
Step 4: Pay for it, you dung brains

What are you staring at, you have thought about it, you looked for it and you selected it. Now, what? Pay for it. Pay for it yourself or ask your parents to do it. And, if you are thinking where do I came up with the word dung brains. It's a slang used by the Weasley kids. Now, get going and buy your favorite book. Don't forget to thank me because I am the one, who told you how to buy books. 
Tell me what you think about my Randomness.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

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