Randomness V.18.0 : Childhood

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Helllooo, friends I am back and before you decide to abandon my blog, I apologize for deserting this blog for so many days. You know what, I don't even know how many days passed and I haven't even opened this blog. I know I am a dumb head. But, don't worry, that won't happen again..wait...it can happen while exams but, they are too far.......or are they far.....Oh God I am not studying for my finals. Forget it, now-a-days I am on a childhood spree. I don't know why, maybe I turned 16 or maybe I am just missing my childhood. So, today's post is dedicated to my childhood. And, yes I am going to compare your today's kids with kids back in my days so, brace yourself a war is coming.
First of all when I was a kid we didn't have so much advanced technology, internet was introduced in India 5 years prior my birth. We used Windows Xp (believe me I have used 98 too) and Xp used to do weird jobs like this

Can you even understand what this meant, I always used to think that this is some kind of virus. 😜 We had this Nokia 1100 old models and if we laid our hands on it, that was the biggest achievement. If we wanted a phone we were given a barbie mobile which used to play songs when you press the buttons. Back in my days, we had great toffees and chewing gums like Boomer, comment if you remember what is a Boomer. We also used to get free tazzos with Boomer and they meant life. 😇 Yes, we didn't eat Burger or Pizzas when we were kids, you should take notes. Back in my days, there were these awesome cartoon serials like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokemon (first generation, other generations are boring), Beyblade, Billy, Mandy life mein haddi (Hindi translation of The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy), Foster's home for imaginary friends, Powerpuff girls (even boys watched this), Tom and Jerry (original), Dexter's Laboratory, Johny Bravo, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Skooby Doo, Shaktimaan, Oswald, Loony Toones, Squirrel Boy, Ben 10 (original) etc. Now-a-days Indian kids only get two cartoons Oggy and the cockroaches and Chhota Bheem, tell me have you seen any of the above?

Let's get to school, school was the best thing back in my days. Yep, it was. First memory which comes in mind when I think about school is how we used to greet our teachers 😂😂
Students: Gooooddmmmmmmooooorrrrrnnnniiiiinnnnnngggg Teeeaacheer...
Teacher: Sit Down
Student: Thhhhaaaannnnkkkkyyyoooouuuuu Teeeaacheer... 
I bet all of you (who are of my age or older) sang along with this. We got real education at school, not some "Smart Class" sh*t. Compare your books with ours, when we read computers, our first chapter was about DOS or what is Computer. Then we moved on to RAM, ROM, Input and Output device etc. You guys read about Internet in your first chapter. You don't know anything about a motherboard, admit it. Then we had Recess in school, heaven. Do you know anything about outdoor games, and outdoor games doesn't mean sitting in the garden with your i-Pad. We invented games, we were explorers, we didn't need some camping sh*t to become explorers, we were born with it. You fell and break your knee that's disaster, we fell and broke our knee, that was daily routine. 
Don't you guys ever think that your childhood is better than ours, what you have is technology, what we had was life, LIFE. 
And, to my fellow Indian people who has been smiling while reading all of this because they can relate, there's another relate able pic.. enjoy....

Thanks for reading guys, please forgive me for deserting this blog. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but, you know "The Truth is always Bitter" 😂😜
Have a great day

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