Randomness V.17.0 : How to apply Kajal

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hi guys, I am back. First of all, let me tell you what a Kajal is. Kajal is black makeup-type thing which is used by women to bold their eyes. Now, I will tell you how to apply a Kajal. (You are not going to actually learn anything, it’s just humor. So, if you are confused don’t read it). There is only one way to apply Kajal. Just apply it on your lower (sometime both lower and upper eyelids). It looks pretty simple but, if you don’t do with caution you are going to end up in the most terrifying situations. Boo...
The Water 

So this situation is pretty awkward and eyes watering. (Literally) This happens with me all the time. When you try to apply the Kajal the stick or your finger or whatever you are using accidently hits your eye. Now, many things happen at once. Your Kajal stick drops on the ground. Your eyes start to water and you have no idea what are you doing, blue green circles are forming right in front of your eyes and it takes about two to three minutes for you to return in your right state. This is the most unexpected and dumbest situation you ever have while you are doing makeup. AWKWARD... 
The Irritation

Well, applying Kajal is the most irritating job you do but, the bigger irritation is when you feel a weird sensation in your eyes while applying it. I don’t know why it happens. It usually happens with me when I try to apply the Kajal on my upper lid. And, it’s not funny. It’s disgusting. It’s even more disgusting when you have no idea why it’s happening. A moment later I am washing my eyes vigorously with water to remove the burning sensation. Why isn’t there a applying kajal manual which doesn’t burns your eyes. Urrgghh.. 

Now, you must me wondering why I wrote Halloween. Or, if you are clever enough you must have got the point. When there’s no burning, no eyes watering you can’t be sure that nothings gonna happen. The most dangerous situation is on the way. When I am very happy that finally, I don’t receive any burning and water I put on the Kajal nicely. But, when I look back into the mirror I look like a Halloween ghost who is going to win the Halloween makeup competition. And, you know what’s worse this situation usually no, always comes at the worst moment and the only thing you can do is to leave it is as it is or wash it again with water. These are the situations I always face when I have to apply Kajal. If you were expecting some Apply Kajal guide, sorry to disappoint you. But, I already warned you. Boo... 
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Thanks for reading. 
Have great day. 

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