Randomness V.16.0 : Annual Day

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey guys, I am right here. So, I celebrated the annual day of my school this Sunday. And, I found out that there are many interesting things about Annual Days. I am going to tell you about it. I am sure that every Indian School would have experienced the same thing and if you are paying attention at your annual day, this applies to all the schools in the world. (Well, not the ones who have never celebrated their annual day). So, what are we waiting for? Let's begin. If you are still studying at school you will relate to this and if you have left the school, well, you will still relate to this..
Many kinds of people can be seen during an annual day. They can be guests or teachers or students. I am listing some of them here. Let's Begin..
The Fashionistas 

These people are the students who didn't participated in the annual day but, they still want to make themselves recognized. So, what they do? They come up with the weirdest fashion sense and put on the Halloween makeup and come to the annual day. They sit at the second or third row and do awkward things to make them noticed. The awkward things include:
1. Checking their phone now and then and laughing awkwardly so, that everyone hears them.
2. Touching their hair to see if it is in a nice position.
3. Telling that they are on a weird diet if anyone asks for coffee.
4. Criticizing the program with the person who don't even want to listen to them.
I don't even know when did I observe these people so clearly. 
The Ex..

No, I am not talking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. I am talking about the ex-students of my school. Okay, I can clearly understand your excitement because you are seeing your school gain but, don't go too much with the flow. Some of these students are too excited that they don't even care what is going on. They come dressed in their best dresses. They constantly tell everyone about their past life. But, I am happy by their reaction to the school where they studied. I am sure I will also behave the same way they do.
The Teachers

I respect all the teachers and I love them but, some of acts in a funny way during the annual day. They look like it's their wedding day and they are enjoying it to the fullest. They are always giggling for God knows what. At my school, they are also warned by the Principal. But, after all it's annual day. It's celebration and everyone is forgiven. Annual day is a big day and my advise to you is to celebrate it with all your heart because you are making memories and you will remember it when you get old. Keep smiling, make memories.I will be back next Tuesday. Till then..
Thanks for Reading
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