Randomness V.15.0 : How People React (Songs)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hey guys, I am back. Sorry I am late, I almost forgot that today's tucky Tuesday. Today's Randomness is How People React (Songs). Let's know about how people react to different genres of songs. Let's begin...

EDM (Let's Dance)

There are some people who love to dance, whenever they hear a song. And, a little confession I love these kind of people. I am one of them. These people love to express themselves and the don't care what others think about them, it's great because they love themselves. But, sometimes these people are the weirdest. Sometimes they start to dance in an awkward way and embarrass themselves. And, when I do something like that, I am ashamed of myself because my family records my weird dance and they tease me about it. Urrgghh.. Anyways, I love dancing even I look absurd. Haha.. And, I advise you to do the same. 😉

Romantic (Love is in the air, pull your oxygen masks)

These people react the weirdest possible way. They act like they are some kind of actor or actress for whom the song is made. They keep singing the song and start dancing like a lovebird. Yuck. These people change their favorites everyday. One day they like a song and the singers are their favorite. The other day, they like another song and their favorite singer changes. Their favorite genre changes too, today they will like a romantic song and tomorrow they will like a sad song. Let's see what the sad song lovers are like..

Sad Songs (*Weeping*)

The overreacting people fall in this category. They literally cry when they hear a sad song. Well, I also cry sometimes but, they cry all the time without any reason. They are the most irritating people in the whole world. These people starts singing whenever they get a chance, and gets offended when you try to stop them. They show off that they are the most sensitive person but, in reality they are the most dumb people. Dear Sad Song Lovers, If you can't stop your crying and weeping and whimpering then please stay away from me. I can't handle your ridiculous whimper all the time. You dumbheads..


I love these people, I just love them. They don't really like any special genre but, they LOVE their own singing. They don't care how bad they sound, they just love their singing. I love these people because they don't get offended with anything and they have great courage. They also have a big level of self confidence. If you don't know how to sing then you should learn from them. Have a great self-confidence and don't care about how other people think about you. Tell, me if I missed something and also tell me how you feel about today's Randomness. Till then, 
Thanks for reading
Have a great day

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