Randomness V.14.0 : And the ANNOYING Week Starts

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hey friends, today is 7th February and if you don't know what it means then you are basically my type. I never knew anything about 7th February till last year. But, last year I found out something very annoying about 7th February. All of you MAY know about 14th February. Well if you don't, it stands for Valentine Day. Valentine Day is something about, well, you know, "lovers" 😑 (And, I hate this day) Well, I don't really hate it, I just find it too annoying. And, now, as the weirdos were not satisfied with only one Valentine Day, they named a whole week for it. The "Valentine Week". It start from 7th to 14th February. You want to know what it means, let's see...

7th February: The Rose Day (I will name it the Thorn Day)
This is the day to give Roses. (you can understand that by the name) But, there are some restrictions. 
a) You have to give Red Roses. 
b) You can't give Roses to your parents or siblings because that's not the point of Rose day.
c) You have to buy the Roses first, and they should cost almost 1000 Rs. (WTH?)
d) You have to give REAL Roses, not handmade.
e) And finally, you can give Roses only on this particular day, any other day and you will be sent to hell.
What's the point of giving a REAL Rose costing 1000 Rs. even if it will rot by the next day? That's why I say that this week is the most annoying week. Let's get to the next day.

8th February: The Propose Day (Just a bunch of guys kneeling on their knees and a bunch of crying girls)
Okay, so basically this is a combination of Rose Day and Propose Day. There are some weird guys kneeling and proposing almost everywhere in the city. The annoying thing of this day is that if these people really want to do the propose thing they should find a quiet place. I am just walking on the road and suddenly someone bends down without notice and starts proposing his Valentine, and, I am just standing there feeling embarrassed. That's why I just hate this day. Urrgghhh..

9th February and 10th February: The Chocolate Day and The Teddy Day (I just don't get the point)
What is the point in giving someone chocolate in a particular day? If you want to give chocolates, give it everyday. Why wait for 9th February. So, there's only one restriction in my city if you want to give chocolates this day. You have to give DAIRY MILK SILK otherwise, go to hell. The other day is Teddy Day. What The Hell, how many types of weird days are you gonna make. A weird ritual gift a Teddy to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Why on Earth will a girl want a Teddy by her boyfriend on a particular day? But, there are some weird girls who do wish to have a teddy on 10th February.

11th February: Promise Day (I promise that I will never celebrate Valentine's Day)
So, what does this day means. You are gonna promise your Valentine to stay with him/her forever. Why don't you just marry each other and take the freaking marriage vows? That will be a better idea. Dumb people and their Dumb ideas.

12th February: Hug Day (Hell, NO)
You can only hug each other on 12th February because other days are not prescribed for it. I am not able to take this weird ritual. People are just hugging without any reason. And, again I am just standing there like a Dumbhead???

13th February: Kiss Day (YUCK!!!)
Look, I am not gonna say anything for this day. Just go to hell, whoever marked this day as Kiss Day. You all can imagine the situation. I am not going to write it.

14th February: Valentine's Day (Again what's the point)
Basically you have done everything, in the past six days, so why the hell do you want to celebrate another day? Valentine's Day has no point. It's just a weird nonsense which some people call celebration. I don't care about any of the days in this so called "Valentine's Week). It's just annoying to see people doing weird cr** in front of you and you can't do anything. Newspapers are most delighted with this week. They even publish the history, geography and civics of the whole Valentine's week. I just can't take it anymore.
If you are in the same situation as I am do tell me in the comments. I think next Randomness will be a HPR. Till then, 
Thanks for reading
Have a great day

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