Randomness V.9.0 : My New Year Resolution

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hey there guys, first of all a Happy New Year. Today's Randomness will be a bit short because.... actually I have an urgent work and besides, I am reading a fan fiction about my favorite show 😜 Today's Randomness is my new year resolution. As you know people take resolutions for new year and never really follow them. But, as I am different, my resolutions are different and they are much easy to follow...
Resolution No. 1
Eat, Eat and Eat

I love eating, but, I am not gonna say that I am a foodie because I don't like that word, it's like saying that I am a food! This year I will be eat whatever and how much I want and never care for my weight or anything. Yes, I always wanted to take this resolution. 

Resolution No. 2
Read, Read and Read

Reading is another thing I love. I will read anything I want and I have already started this resolution as I am reading a fan fiction. My this resolution also causes some problems because last year I ordered a book and read it and then I realized that it was actually an adult book. Urghh...
So, I will not do the same mistake again Phew...

Resolution No. 3
Watch, Watch and Watch

I will watch my favorite films of my favorite actors this year and will not worry about any other thing. I do this resolution every day but, this year I will do it officially. And, yes, I will also follow my favorite actors on social media and I will keep an eye on whatever they are doing. 😈

Resolution No. 4
Worry about NOW

I will never worry about the future this year, I will only think about now and I will encourage others to do the same. You should do the same too. There's not much to write about this resolution because, I really don't know what to write. 😕

Resolution No. 5
Continue Randomness

I will be writing Randomness regularly, and I will notify you about any changes. Listen, it's new year and I have so much fun to do, and I have become a little lazy with these holidays, but, my school is opening next week so, you will get a nice Randomness next week. Sorry, for now. Till next Randomness.
Thanks for reading
Have a great day

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