Randomness V.13.0 : Threads and Disasters

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hello friends, it is tucky Tuesday ( that's a new phrase I just made up) and I am back with my new Randomness. Today's post is pure Random and based on true events. 😉 As you can see the title is Threads and Disaster so, of course it is based on Threads and, Disasters which happen because of them. If you haven't came across any disaster because of a thread then you are probably a wizard. Recently, (and by recently I mean two-three days ago) I was sewing my trousers from the bottom because they were too big and I was going to hurt my nose when I put them on. But, when I sat down finally to sew them, well, here come the devils Needle and THREAD.
The worst part while using a Thread is to find the end. I face this situation all the time. It takes forever to find the end of a thread, well, the same thing happens with a cello tape but, never mind. And even if I find the end I start to rejoice and in return the whole spool falls from my hand and now it's a disaster to find the spool. 
So, then I find the spool with all my patience and when I do, there's a new problem, When I was busy in the finding the spool, I carelessly stretched the thread and now the thread looks like my bunch of fallen hair. Just like this:

Now, there's no option instead of just cut that part and you know what happens, I get a fierce scold from my mother for wasting that part of the thread. Urrggghhh.. And I am standing there like, "It's not my fault, it was the thread." Well, there are more disasters in the store. Now, I start to find the needle. Well, I find it but, as it is my baddest luck today so, the needle falls on the ground. Great. Now, I have to find a white needle from a white floor without getting hurt. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. The only things happen while searching for the needle are, one, I find it (If I am very lucky), two, I get hurt and three, I lose it. I was a little bit lucky because I got hurt, but, yes, I found the needle. Phew. Don't calm down, the real game begins now. NEEDLING the Thread. OH MY GOD!!! This is just not happening. I am sitting there for what like twenty minutes and nothing's happening. What the HELL??? Who made this hole so small? Why on Earth we have to put this damn thread into the needle hole. And, if I ask for help from my mother, she is Busy.

Great, So, finally my thread is inside this needle and I am dancing with joy. YAY.... Now, the sewing part. Well, I am almost okay with it. Not the mention the cuts I get while sewing because I accidentally pierce the needle in my finger. So, there you are. I told all my disasters with Thread. If I missed something please tell me in the comments. I will be glad to have them. And, if you face some extraordinary situations while using the thread. Tell me and I will add them to my next Randomness. Till then.
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