Randomness V.12.0 : Buying Gifts

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hey guys, I am back. New Year means new days and more birthdays. Birthdays means gifts and gifts means "Brainstorming Overloaded" Buying gifts is the toughest job in the world according to me. And buying gifts every year for the same person is even more confusing. If you don't face the same problem than you are probably not human. Let's have a look on the different "stages" of buying gifts.
The Shock

There is probably one point of the year when you realize that you have to buy gifts and believe that comes with a shock. You are just hanging around or doing weird crap (like me) and suddenly you gaze at the calendar and your eyes are stuck at the one date which you realize as someone's birthday or anniversary or whatever. Then your mind plays a game, the funny side says, there is no point on giving presents every year you already gave him/her a present last year but, then your "conscious" mind says presents are made to give every year and you have to chew your brain this year too. Believe me, my mind does the same thing and even if the event is two months later my mind is not resting a second because I really don't know what to give!!!

The Discussion

When this happens I discuss with my parents that what should I give this year as a present, and they don't give a damn about it. They are like, "You still have two months left, think about it" or "Give anything". What Mum, I can't give "anything" to my cousin. Basically, the discussion never results in something meaningful. And I hate it. Urgghhh...

The Sorting

So, everything gets down to me after the so called "discussion". Then I sort out the things which I can give and I have literally no idea what I am doing I am just sitting there like a dumb head and thinking about the excuses which I can give if I am not able to take a gift with me which is impossible. You know what the sorting continues till the end. And by end I mean two days before the D-Day.

The End

At the end, God shows mercy and suddenly an idea pops up in my mind and I am the happiest person of the world. But, then another war begins. I have only two days left and I have to buy the gift and my parents are procrastinating from the moment I tell them about the gift. They are like, "We will buy tomorrow okay." And me in the mind, "What if I can't find the gift anywhere tomorrow?" Finally they agrees and we go to buy a gift. And usually we buy the gift on the D-Day before going to the birthday party.


So, here comes the D-Day. I am totally frightened from the inside and I am thinking about all the weird things. "What if she doesn't likes the gift?" "What if the gift is so childish?" and the worst thought "What if she already have that?" It's like I am going to fight a war and I don't know who the opponent is! Then she opens the gift and gives the most confusing expression. My thoughts, "Is she happy or sad, come on give an expression!" 
But, then my heart goes out when my sister comes and hugs me and says, "Thank you sooo much, it's beautiful." And I just give a sigh that "Thank God it worked." Friends if you face the same situation, just follow my advise that think about the person's favorite and think about something that they will love. But, even if I do the same thing I face the same situation every time. No worries every one faces the same thing. So, go and do some brainstorming till the next Randomness.
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