Randomness V.11.0 : Enemies of HP... Beware

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello friends, so, as promised next Randomness is today that is Tuesday. Today's Randomness is restricted to Potterheads because, I have already posted a Randomness for non-potterheads on Friday. Enemies of Harry Potter... Beware cause, you will not understand a word here. So, Potterheads, I am a big potterhead too, and I have read all the eight books. I have also watched the movies and this Randomness is all about differences among the books and movies and some of them I hate very much. Let's see which one...
Peeves, the poltergeist

So, Peeves is one of the characters which was removed from the movies. I hated the difference. When I read the books I was so disappointed that there was no Peeves, imagine how nice it would have been to watch Peeves troubling the students and teachers. It would have given us some smiles in middle of so much tension. Really, Peeves should have been there.

Winky, the miserable house-elf

I don't know if you remember her but, Winky was the house-elf of Barty Crouch Sr. She always used to cry and she was the one who helped Barty Crouch Jr. She later lived in the Hogwarts kitchen and Dobby was her best friend. I would have loved to watch Winky consoled by Hermione but, no the Directors decided to remove her. What the HELL?!

SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare)

Hermione created SPEW in her fourth year, when she saw Winky so ill-treated during the Quidditch World Cup. Hermione was the Founder, Harry was the Treasurer and Ron was the Secretory. It would have been great to watch Hermione promoting SPEW and asking Hagrid, other students and even Dumbledore to join SPEW.

Professor Binns

Professor Binns used to teach History of Magic, he was the only ghost teacher. It was said that he didn't realize that he was dead. He just came back as a ghost and started teaching. Well, he was the most boring teacher. He often forgot that there were children in the room, and was surprised to see them in his class. He was the one who told the students about the Chamber of Secrets not Professor McGonagall as shown in the movie. It was kinda weird that such strict teacher was telling children about a legend of the castle during class. So, according to me, Professor Binns should have been included in the movies.

Percy, the traitor

Percy was shown in the Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Deathly Hallows only but, if you have read the books you will know that Percy have a lot to say in the books. He supported the Ministry after Dumbledore and Fudge had a row about Voldemort's return instead of his parents. In short he was a big git. Percy came back to his senses during the Battle of Hogwarts. Percy the traitor track should have been included in the movies. 

The Battle of Hogwarts

This was the part I hated the most. There were so much differences and Ridiculous differences. Harry went to the Forbidden Forest in his invisibility cloak, nobody knew where he was going even Ron and Hermione too. On his way, Harry told Neville to kill Nagini because he thought that Dumbledore told three people about the Horcruxes and if he died there will still be three. Harry didn't just jumped from Hagrid's lap in front of everyone, he hid beneath his cloak and was revealed after the Battle of Hogwarts started. Voldemort and Harry didn't has so much fight before Voldemort's death. It became, as we say in India, very "filmy". If Voldemort wanted to kill Harry why he played with Harry after Harry came back from death. Harry and Voldemort both said only one spell after Harry woke up from the dead. Voldemort said, "Avada Kedavra" while Harry said, "Expelliarmus".
I didn't like the aftermath too. Harry went to the headmaster's office with Ron and Hermione after the was ended. He talked to Dumbledore in the picture and yes, he didn't broke the elder wand. He just repaired his previous wand with the elder wand and placed the wand back in Dumbledore's grave. Ginny didn't said a word in the epilogue, it was weird. 
So, you see, it is true the directors can't include everything in the movies but don't omit the good parts and don't make it too much "filmy".
Next Randomness will be for everyone, till then..
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