Randomness V.10.0 : How People React (Exams)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yay... so, today's Randomness is this month's HPR. I have my exams very soon and I am not freaking out. WOW... I am not Freaking Out. It's such a nice feeling but, today I will tell you about different types of reactions regarding Exams. If you are a student you will relate to these and if you have passed all your examinations then.... I don't care...😝
There are three types of people who react differently, so here they are..
No. 1 The Nerds

These people react in the weirdest way possible, πŸ˜’ They are like studying the whole year for one exam. 😱They are staring at the book 24x7 and God knows what they are studying. Teachers advise us to study like them. I don't know about your nerd classmates but, mine were weirdos. They were not really nerds, they used to just show off. After the results, they were always in the bottom. I always wanted to tell my teachers, that if staring at the book will make us the toppers then, I will glue the book just before my eyes. 

No. 2 The Smart People

These people are the smartest people in the class, they have great fashion sense, they have great hairstyles and blah, blah, blah. But, their reaction is the funniest. They freak out, three months before exam and start collecting notes, taking tips from the nerds, and their fashion sense totally vanishes. They are always complaining that they haven't completed their syllabus and they don't have enough notes and blah, blah, blah. They are always reading something with their hands on their ears and it looks like they are going to fight a war of life and death. Their position are always changing in the results.

No. 3 People Like Me

We are not like the nerds because we don't constantly stare at the book. We are not like the Smart People either because we have no fashion sense. But, you know what We ARE the TOPPERS. We don't freak out before exams, and the teachers think we are hopeless. I like study and I love the subjects but, I study according to my own consent, I don't pressurize myself, I usually freak out for a day or two, but, then I'm back to normal and I really don't care about what will happen. I am just enjoying myself and miraculously people like me becomes the topper. Yay...

So, please do comment which category you fit in, but, I strongly recommend to be in the third one. I know this Randomness was not much funny, because I am ill and I can't think of something funny when I am ill. Till next Randomness..
Thanks for reading
Have a great day

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