V.??? : Online Shopping (A DISASTER)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hey friends, I know it's not Tuesday but, I saw my dearest sister doing some online shopping and I realized what a disaster it is, so, I decided to post a Randomness today because I keep forgetting what I saw and what I thought. Let's learn about a disaster known as Online Shopping.
There are different types of online buyers, and I have seen them all, let's see what they are:
No. 1 The Professionals

So, there are some people who "think" that they are the professional buyers. They keep suggesting other people which site is good for shopping, which payment method we should use, what are their experience blah, blah, blah.. But, let me clarify that their advise is not always right. We suffered the same situation, a friend of my dad advised him to buy furniture from a site because, it is good, cheap and the customer service is awesome. My dad ordered a sofa set with a mosquito net which costed less. You wanna know what happened, The site was a fraud one, the mosquito net was of worst quality, the site refused to return and refund. We were lucky that the site itself canceled the sofa set order because it was unable to ship at our pin code. Anyways, we got our money back after a little fight and vowed not to buy anything from that site again. You see, "The Professionals" are not always right.

No. 2 The Wise

These people are very troubled ones. They do things wisely but, things doesn't turn out wise. Let me give an example, a friend of mine was buying a headphone, she chose one headphone for her and added it to the cart, next day the price doubled!!! The headphone she chose was available in different color whose price was a little more than the first one's previous price. But, it was only one left in stock. Now, she is in a dilemma that whether she should buy the second one or wait for the first one's price drop. Well, things didn't turn out wisely for her, what do you say?
But, according to me you should neither be professional nor wise, just act like a buyer and use your brain.. As, today is Friday I don't have more time, next Randomness will be updated on Tuesday. Till then use your brain while shopping online.
Thanks for reading
Have a great day

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