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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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Hi guys, so as today is the eighth Randomness, that means Randomness with Style has completed another month and thanks for reading all my posts... Two days ago, it was Christmas, and you know what, it was my dad's birthday too. I gifted him a electric razor and made him a coffee flavored cake. I am telling you this because all those people who read my Randomness regularly are my family now. I am serious, only family can tolerate this non-sense. Moving on, today's Randomness is Ridiculous Phrases, I have read some bizarre phrases in English and I have no idea what these mean. So, I am telling you all of them, let's see if you can tell me the meaning.
1. Love is in the air
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What does this one means, can anyone tell me. "Love is in the air" but, how love can be in the air, it's not a gas or.... is it? Love is not like nitrogen or oxygen which can float in the air? Imagine if love was really a gas then what could have happened. The air would have been red or pink because we donate the heart's color as red or pink. We would have studied about love in our chemistry class
Chemistry teacher: And the next element is Love, donated as Lo, It is of pink color, it is inflammable and can be found in the whole world. The opposite element of Lo is Hatred, donated as Ht. It is of black color, it can also be found in the whole world but in less quantity, excess of Ht is bad for health...
The scientists will be like, "Global Hatred level is rising, there are many places where the black mist is rising so clearly, that the government has advised everyone to stay in houses and have an extra cylinder of Love. 
If this was real then we would have been releasing black gas from our noses when we hated somebody, that would have been so rude. My point is why do you make such phrases which has ridiculous meanings. Now, next one is even weird.

2. It is raining cats and dogs
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WHAT!!! I never knew cats and dogs rain, where did you saw? Imagine this one as real, when it is raining "cats and dogs" the other day you would have found hundreds of cats and dogs fighting on your roof or your backyard. There would have been a "Raining Cat and Dog Squad" to deal with the aftermath. And when there was acid rain the cats and dogs would be dead and then there would have been Cat and Dog flood!
News reporter: "Hogsmeade recently experienced a devastating Cat and Dog flood this year, although the wizards were successful in driving them away but, all the butterbears were destroyed and now, wizards are unable to find Professor McGonagall, it is suggested that the villagers may have misunderstood McGonagall as a flood cat." 
Can you believe Cats and Dogs raining in your backyard? I want to know the name of the person who made this bizarre phrases.

3. Cat got your tongue
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I don't want to say much about this but, this is creepiest phrase I have ever heard. Can you imagine a cat holding a man's tongue so that he can't speak. And how can you stand it when a cat is holding a man's tongue in front of you. You can imagine the situations, I hate to imagine so, I am not writing much about this ridiculous phrase.

4. Bite the bullet
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What does this means "Bite the bullet" you are literally telling the person to die. Even if he bites the bullet what's good in that. I am sure the Bullet will not taste good then what's the point? I can tell you for sure that whoever made these phrases was a declared idiot and I really want someone to explain me what these phrases actually mean. What is biting the bullet thing was real. The person will have a bad stomach don't you think. If you know a phrase which I missed do tell me in the comments and I will add that in my next Randomness. Till then, think about today's Randomness and tell me if I am right.
Thanks for reading
Have a great day

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