Randomness V.6.0. : The Spectacular Teachers

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hello there, today I thought to write a life experience of my own life. So, here it is. Today I am gonna tell you about some of the spectacular teachers I had. And believe me, you will never find teachers like that. I love my teachers but, the teachers whom I am talking about were the worst teachers I have ever got. Although, they were sacked by the school management after a little time but, that "little time" was the worst part of my school life. Let's have a look.
There were four teachers whom I hated the most, I also named them. Such as:
No. 1: The Out of Syllabus
This teacher used to teach us Humanities (History, Geography, Political Science and Economics). Whenever she started to teach she went out of syllabus, For example, one day she was teaching us about FPTP (First Past The Post) and PR (proportional representation) election system.
Her: The first line is "India has a FPTP system of election". So, as you all know that India has a FPTP system of election...
I am like: Yes, you just told us Ma'am.
Her: ...So, now I would like to tell you about the countries which have PR election system...
And then, she told us all the name and ordered us to copy it down, then she started talking about RECENT ELECTIONS in INDIA, like who won or who should have won. What's the government doing. What are the policies of the government blah, blah, blah..
I was trying to understand and I think the whole class was trying to understand WHAT THE HELL'S HAPPENING. What's the government policies has to do anything with FPTP and PR election system. No one was listening to whatever she was saying, it was like she has memorized all the newspapers and repeating it to us. Then, the period end bell rang and period ended. This happened all the time. She didn't taught anything more then a line and before the exams handed us the ridiculous notes which contained the whole book. And, and, and, the story doesn't ends here. Whoever paid no attention to her "news repetition" were actually BULLIED by her, including me and my sister in the class, she used sarcasm to bully us, always showing us that we are the worst in her class and we should not even study. And guess what, the worst part was that one of the girls in my class was her daughter and she preferred her daughter more than anyone else and she always showed us that her daughter is an all rounder, she can do everything, it was like all the avengers superpowers were combined into one and the product is sitting in front of us and we are just some rubbish from the garbage bin so, we should learn something from her so-called superhuman daughter. Now, you know that you are not the only one bullied by teachers. Forget it, let's go to second one.
No. 2: The Translator
So, this one was even more ridiculous. Her subject was the first in the morning. And she destroyed our every morning. We always thought to recommend her a translator's post in some government organisation. Whenever she taught us she only translated each and every line from English to Hindi. Miss Teacher, we can't understand every thing only because you translated the passage in our mother tongue. So, we had to memorize all the book for the exams and then she said, why are you not writing in your own language.
No. 3 The Gossip Girl
Okay, now, she was liked by all the other girls of the class, except for me and my sister. She didn't taught us anything and I still don't know what subject she used to teach, maybe it was "How to become a Gossip Girl". She always gossiped about the other teachers, the school management, other students blah, blah, blah. Her talks were accompanied by constant giggles by two of the girls who used to sit a desk ahead of me. Me and my sister sat together and we used to do the homework which we missed the other night. During the exams she used to tell us the important questions and tell the other teachers what a dumb heads we are. I have to say only three words I HATED HER.
No. 4 The Dreamer
She was our English teacher and her style of teaching was different and when I say different, it was a bad different. First she told us to write all the hard word's meanings in the chapter, then she told us to translate each and every line of the chapter and when we have translated it all, she said, "Okay, so, you have understood the chapter now, I want to see all the questions answered tomorrow. Class dismiss." Now you know why it was a bad different. But, I have named her The Dreamer. She was going to get married very soon and she was always dreaming about it. She also showed us (the girls) the picture of her future husband outside the school! All the boys were a big fan because she always talked with us about her future married life (outside the school, because teachers were not allowed to talk about their married life in the class or the staff room 😜)
All of the teachers mentioned above taught me or tried to teach me when I was in Grade 8. All of them were recruited the same year, so, as a matter of fact, Grade 8 was the worst part of my school life. But, fortunately for the next year students all of them were sacked and mind you the two girls and the boys were sad for their sacking. Well, actually two of them were sacked, the other two resigned, one was married of course and the other found another school (God Bless Those Students). If you had any of the above teachers then do write me in the comments. And thank you for reading my boring life experience for so long. I think next Randomness will be How People React part two. Let's see, till then.
Have a great day.

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