Randomness V.5.0. : From Geography to HP

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Hey guys, so, it's Randomness V.5.0. That means RaNDomNEss with Style has completed one month. Woohooo... I didn't even realize that it's been a month. Thanks for being with me. Today's topic is "From Geography to Harry Potter". You must have been thinking, now what's that, can't she post one Randomness with normal title, well, I can't because I am not normal 😝 But, but, but, there's a hint, today's Randomness will relate completely with your life. (Except if you are a nerd!) Today's topic is for them whose mind is always wandering off somewhere else whenever they sit to study. Hmmm, sounds familiar, isn't it?
It happens with me all the time. And it is a chronic disease without cure. Whenever I sit to study, my mind just jumps out of my head or skull and starts jumping from one place to another. No, I'm serious, it feels something like this:

Just like Randomness, my brain also jumps around random topics, and mind you, those topics does not contain anything from my studies. It sucks, I have an examination in less than 4 months and when I try to study the "Factors responsible for monsoon in India" my mind is jumping outside my skull and thinking "Is the Eye shown in Now You See Me is real?" It happens all the time and it happens with everyone, one day I was trying to figure out Newton's second law (I suck at Science) and my brain was observing a spider's web on the door.
I don't understand the reason why this happens, I mean the brain can't walk on it's own but, it does every time I try to study. And whenever my brain jumps out, I am reading the book but I am not understanding a thing. I remembered that I had read about Isobars two days ago and it is mentioned in the next lesson, I ask my brain, "Hey there brain, you remember about Isobars?" The brain replies,"Nope, I was thinking about Harry and Voldemort's relationship at that time. I had read somewhere that they are distant cousins."

Ha, it literally means Dumb Brain, I have invented a word YAY!!
I am sure, it happens with everyone of you so, I am going to sound a little like a doctor. I have a solution for this problem. Whenever this happens take a deep breath, relax, look at your book and TELL YOUR FREAKING BRAIN THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO STUDY GEOGRAPHY NOT SOME WEIRD CONNECTION BETWEEN HARRY AND VOLDEMORT!!!
Believe me it works, when I do this my brain comes running, jumps back into the skull and next moment I am reading the book and understanding every word. But, it takes concentration. It's like a Patronus Charm where you have to fully concentrate on one thing, here, you will have to concentrate on the book and your wandering brain and when you do that, I think you will not fail again in exam. 😉😁
And now I am going to do the same and study about Unicameral and Bicameral Legislature. So, till then:
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.
P.S. If anyone knows the relationship between Harry Potter and Voldemort please tell me in the comments, I am dying to know how they are distant cousins.

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