Randomness V.7.0. : How People React (Parties)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So, the great Shruti Priya is back with a new Randomness.😜 As I told you last time that next Randomness will be HPR. Here it is. But, today's Randomness is a little different from Last HPR. It is more How People Act than How People React. As, Christmas and New Year are near, parties are happening continuously and whenever I go to parties I observe that some people are always there no matter who is the host so, today I am gonna tell you about those people...
I have categorized those people in my own made categorize. The names are as follows:-
No.1 The Glamour girls

Whenever you go to a party these are the first creatures you see. They are so glamorous that even you are wearing your favorite and most expensive dress you feel ashamed of yourself. These glamour girls are not a penny less than those actresses we see on the big screen. They are always showing that "we are the best". I think they are actually singing that in their minds. But, if you look closely nobody in the party is more dumb head than these glamour girls. They are the weirdest girls in the whole party. My advise is that if you stumble upon these glamour girls then STAY AWAY!!!
No. 2 The Emotional

Yep, these are my favorites. They are the stand up comedians of the party. They are not really emotional they are just pretending but, their emotional actions looks like a rehearsed comedy. For example, I went to a party and saw two emotional people, not people actually they were women. They were so emotional that they started hugging each other the moment they saw each other. Their action was looking just like two great fiends meeting after years, but, one of them did a mistake. She actually indicated the other that they are supposed to hug each other. It was like a comedy act happening on stage where one actor forgot what to do and the other was telling her. I am telling you this was more funny when observed from the front and I can't stop my laugh when I think about that scene. hahaha... Ok fine moving on..
No. 3 The Eaters

These people can be seen everywhere without any doubt. The one and only dream of their life is to eat. They don't care who is the host, what's the occasion, they don't even know that it's a party they just hang around and think that it is a good place to eat. When they get a hint that it's a good time to start eating they throw themselves towards the buffet. I usually call them the opposite of Death Eaters, "The Food Eaters".  Well, they call themselves "foodies" but "food eaters" is more funny. Whenever you meet these type of people please stand before them in the "food line" because they are going to be very LATE while choosing the dishes.
Friends, there are some unexpected things going on so I have to end my Randomness here. Sorry, for such short Randomness.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

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