Randomness V.4.0. : Illness

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hi friends, today I was determined not to post but then, I thought a little typing will not do much harm. Actually, I have a ridiculous bump on my eyelid (also known as sty in medical language) and I HATE IT!!! It hurts and yes it SUCKS. So, today I thought to "dedicate" this blog post to those people like me who are going through any phase of illness in which they hate themselves. 
Illness is one of the most ridiculous things happened with me. And illness can be of any type like different kind of aches, fever, bumps etc. Illness brings the most embarrassing, depressing and disappointing feelings in our lives. (I don't know about you but it does in my life). The thing I hate the most when I am ill is the tensed look on everyone faces. I try very hard to console them, "I am fine" but my mom is like, "You have 102० fever and you are saying I am fine. Shut up and get rest."

The second worst thing is that I am missing all the fun which I had with my friends and siblings, and the world collapses when one friend or brother or sister of yours who always used to irritate you comes and says, "Don't worry you'll be fine."
I am like, "I really miss the irritation I received from you."
Everyone treats me like I am a new born baby. All the other I wanted to sit in the couch and watch the TV but, when the day actually comes I hate myself. If you think the same don't do because sitting in a couch the whole day and watching TV is the worst job. Even the TV understands that you are ill and when I think that okay I will watch one of The Rock's movie today then the TV shows all kind of shit except The Rock's movie.
All the family wants me to sleep and get rest and surprisingly that day I don't want to sleep. Suddenly, I don't want to do anything for which I could have mended the bonds with my enemy the day earlier. That's why I am telling you that Illness is the most ridiculous phase in anyone's life. For more clarification I am listing the things we should not do when we are ill:
1. Don't get up from bed.
2. Don't talk to anyone it will make you more ill.
3. Don't eat this and don't eat that it will make you more ill.
4. Don't walk it will make you more ill.
5. Don't laugh it will make you more ill.
6. Don't even try to break the above rules or it will make you more ill.
No, I am serious. This is the kind of rules which I have to follow whenever I get a fever. One last thing which I hate when I am ill is going to see the doctor. First of all, the doctor looks at me like I am the eighth wonder of the world. Then he uses his stethoscope only god knows why (no offence to the good doctors out there, I am saying about the doctor who checks ME up). Then the doctor mention certain problems with so much seriousness like I am having a life threatening disease here and then he writes the same medicines he wrote next time. I don't eat his medicines, I just eat them for one day and then I state clearly to my parents, "I can cure myself on my own."
And it really happens, my fever cures by itself and the normal life begins but, this doesn't ends here, the terrifying day will come soon and I will again have a fever so, don't get happy. My eyes are hurting now so, I am not gonna write more, I know it was kinda boring but, I can't help it.
Thanks for reading. 
Have a great day.

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