Randomness V.3.0 : How people REACT (Crushes)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hi guys, I am back with a new Randomness. Last randomness ended up being somewhat serious so, I thought to lighten up the mood a bit. I am going to talk about How People REACT on some very common issues and I am sure you face the same situation. I want to tell you that this will be a series and I will post about it once in a month. So, today's topic on How People REACT (let's short it up as HPR) is Crushes. Whenever I accidentally tell people about my crush they react in the weirdest way possible and this is most frustrating thing...
There are some people who react in the way you haven't thought about, and those ridiculous people are EVERYONE!!! Some are exception like siblings and parents. For example, if I tell my parents that I have a crush on 'The Rock' they will be like, "Focus on your studies" or "I don't care, whoever The Rock is". And if I tell my siblings, they don't believe me at all. They are like, "Are you serious?" or if they do believe me their reaction will be, "I don't care." So, practically none of them cares. Parents will taunt to focus on your studies, and siblings will tease you sometimes like,"Oooohhhh, her crush is The Rock" but they don't care too. You don't have to worry about these people because they know about you very closely and yes it's none of their business. But, those people who don't know you so closely, like friends or relatives or colleagues or whatever. They are seriously worried about your choice and believe it's their business to suggest you about whom you should like!
I will give you some examples of them by describing a situation I have been through, FRIENDS. I was sitting in a room with my friends and my acquaintances and we all were watching X-Men. For a moment, I forgot that there are people sitting here and I sighed, "I like Wolverine!" and you can't imagine what happened. Everybody turned to me in slow motion with their big spooky eyes fixed at me and their mouths open like they were trying to catch a butterfly. It was like sitting in a room with ghosts. 

And I was like, "What?"...."I like Wolverine, what's wrong in that?" All of them stared at me like I was a Wolverine. At last one of them said, "You like Hugh Jackman???" 
I corrected them, "No, no, I like Wolverine, Logan the character."
Again one of them said, "YOU LIKE HUGH JACKMAN!!!"
Me: "I have said that before, I like Wolverine not Hugh Jackman, and even if I LIKED Hugh Jackman, what's wrong in that?"
"Why do you like Hugh Jackman, I mean he is not that HANDSOME, is he?"
I really wanted to punch their faces, all of them. But, instead I screamed, "I LIKE WOLVERINE, NOT HUGH JACKMAN."
Then a very sensitive looking person stood up, sobbing, "Why are you screaming? Are we not your friends, do we not have the right to say something, do you not think us as a human?"
ME in the MIND: "What the F"
Me: "Let's drop the issue here, forget it. Look we missed the interesting scene."
But they want to be punched, "No, we need an answer, do we have the right to say something or not?"
Me; "Why are you all so serious, forget it, let's watch the movie." 
Them: "No, forget the movie, and forget that we were friends. Let's go."
And they left. I was happy that they were leaving but mom heard everything and she scolded me for screaming on my friends, and then when I thought, "forget about everything, let's watch the movie, the screen flashes...

Let's move to another situation where me and some of my relatives were watching (I really don't know who they were) The Game Plan. I sighed again looking at The Rock, "He is my crush." The spooky eyes turned again. Some of them screamed, "WHAT!!!" Some of them advised me, "He is not good for you look, he is bald..." I cut them in middle, "He is not bald and I like him this way." They continued, "...but, he was a wrestler, do you really have a crush in a wrestler?"
Me: "He IS a wrestler, he can beat anybody he wants. And yes, I have a crush on a wrestler."
Them: "You shouldn't just like an actor, You should know what type of man he is."
Me; "I know that already, he is a humble and gentle person." And after that I started watching the movie because I don't wanted to be scolded by mom again for screaming and mind that, I was trying hard not to scream. 
Their ridiculous chatter continued after that but, I didn't pay attention. So, this is what happens, when I tell somebody about my crush. I really don't expected any of that but, I don't know why it happens all the time? I will advise you not to tell anybody about your crush or if you do that accidentally (like I did, sighing in the middle) then forget about what they are saying. "I can like whoever I want, who are you to interfere. And, it's just a crush. So, go, F yourself." 
This is what you should be saying whenever this type of situation arises. I will be back with another randomness. Till then keep Sighing.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

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