Randomness V.2.0 : The Black and the Ban

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hi guys, so I'm back with my next Randomness and it is the Black and the Ban. Some of you may have understood the meaning by the pic. I will not play riddles today. The Black and the Ban refers to the recent great step taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. You know, in my opinion this is what India needed. A complete Ban to the Black Money. We, the normal people have no problem with this step. We all love it. Everyone around me are so happy with this that they are praising the PM with their hearts. I have problem with those who are doing non-sense talks around us, and I HATE them.
There are many leaders I don't know why they are called leaders, I will call them NETA (Hindi word for Leader, generally used for bashing them 😜) from now on. So, there are many Netas who are literally dyeing because of the ban. They just give random statements about the common man not being happy with this new rule, but, I am telling you they are just kidding!!!  Almost everyone is happy with this (except those who keep black money in their house). I can't understand one thing, do the Netas have secret compartments where some very sad people come and tell the netas that they are not happy with the note ban, because nobody poses in the cameras of news channels and say that, "I am not happy." Every person is like, "We are having some difficulties, because there are long queues but, this doesn't matters, this is a good decision and we support it fully." So, according to the "Netas" all of these "Common people" are lying or they are not common?
I also hate these news channels (some are exceptions). All of these are saying only one thing, "the common man is facing great problems, there are no new notes in the banks, the banks were closed early of their time." WHAT THE F MAN. The Bankers had three holidays in a row. Second Saturday, Sunday and Guru Purnima. They sacrificed two of their holidays for you dumb heads. Their working hours are changed from 10am-4pm to 8am-8pm. They are working 12 hours for you, and if they got one holiday, all of the reporters bombarded on the bank association. You want to know what were the headings, "Common man is suffering and Bankers are enjoying their holiday"
Like Bankers are not common man, they are just some bunch of superheroes who fell down from the sky and started helping everybody. They don't have a life, they don't have families. You must have been thinking why I am taking so much interest in Bankers, because my father is one of them. I never get time to spend with him, and from the past three days he had been so tensed. I didn't even got a Sunday off with him. Does it sounds like a joke to you?
I am not saying that people are facing problems, yes, they are, but, this is just a phase which will pass and it's for everyone's good. And I am hating these reporters and these bloody "Netas". My sister says we should not hate someone but, I can't help writing this, SORRY Dear Sister. But, I will end this superboring Randomness (where I bashed everyone) with just one question to every common man out there reading this, we stand in a queue to get the latest smartphone, we stand in a queue to buy one-day tickets, we stand in a queue to get burgers from KFC.So, if we CAN stand in a queue for all these ridiculous jobs, which is good for only us, then CAN'T we stand in queue in the bank and wait for our turn, so that it can be good for our nation? Think about it, and if you have got an answer write it in comments, if you want to tell me that I was wrong somewhere, I will be glad to hear it from you. Comments section is always open.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

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